Let’s talk diving!

Single Tank Dive

Two Tank Dive

Three Tank Dive Day (with Lunch)

Marine Kustom Fee

Dive for 5 days and the 6th day is free.

Snorkelling Gear Rental (mask, snorkel, fins)

Dive Gear (BCD, Regulator, Dive Computer)

We require all divers to dive with a computer.

Let’s talk trips!

Snorkel Trip (1/2  day)                                                                  

Skull Island (add on to 2 tank dive)                          

Tantalizing Tetepare! (full day - min 6)                              

  Private Charter                                                                            (Max 6, includes all dives, 2 private dive guides, all snacks, water, soft drinks & beer, beach BBQ or village lunch. No diving after consuming alcohol).

Let’s talk training!

Try Diving (1 day)   - $200AUD  

Open Water Diver   - $700AUD  

Advance Open Water Diver  - $700AUD         

Specialities   - $500AUD      

Rescue  - $700AUD     

React Right First Aid   - $250AUD  

Dive Master   - $1500AUD  

Dive Control Specialist   - $1000AUD

Professional Crossover’s -VARIES







$20AUD per diver per day


$20AUD daily

$50AUD daily

$15AUD daily