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diving in and around munda

The diving in Munda is special - possibly some of the best in the world.  Spectacular walls drop off to over 600 meters. Grey, Blacktip and Whitetip Reef sharks routinely patrol, while Eagle rays, barracuda and other pelagics are also common. Encounters with any of several species of big sharks and rays add to the excitement, while for macro fans there are critters such as Pygmy Seahorses, Squat lobsters and Fiery Dartfish. 

Munda’s reefs are in pristine condition, with lush hard and soft corals and gigantic sea fans. Snorkelers will also appreciate the extensive intact hard coral gardens in the shallows. In addition to the reefs and abundant marine life, Munda’s seabed is littered with wrecks from WWII, with fighter planes, bombers, a Japanese freighter and a US dump site. Visibility varies from 15 to 40+ meters. Our wet season tends to begin late December and tapers off in March, although we dive year-round.

For divers who want to extend their bottom times or increase their safety margins, we now offer Enriched Air Nitrox fills. Extended range diving with accelerated decompression is also available - see our Tec page.


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