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Stuart tank and grenade
Skull Island
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Services and activities around Munda

Services: The ANZ agency at the Post Office has an ATM, as has the Bank South Pacific. Broadband internet access is available at Telekom and at Agnes Lodge. The 21st Century has arrived! In case of emergency, there is also a small hospital. Basic foodstuffs and soft drinks are available from local stores, and occasionally chocolate is sighted. Tetepare has an office for those interested in spending some time at an eco-lodge on the South Pacific’s largest uninhabited island.

Go West Tours: Located at Agnes Lodge, offer a range of tours including bat caves and cultural sites.

Skull Island: Located near the mouth of the beautiful Vona Vona lagoon, Skull Island features a shrine containing the skulls of Roviana chiefs and warriors and an altar to the local fishing-gods. Round off the day with a drink and a snack in the relaxed setting of Zipolo Habu Resort on nearby Lola Island before returning to Munda.

WWII Tours: For those interested in war history, the Western Province in general and the Munda area in particular is a goldmine. See an American M5 Stuart tank, the Japanese coastal defence battery at Enoghai or the anti-aircraft battery above Munda airfield, snorkel the wreck of the Kashi Maru, or stroll down to one of the small local museums and check out the amazing artefacts.

Mount Bao: Located on a ridge high above the surrounding rainforest, Bao was the main ceremonial site of the predecessors of the Roviana head-hunters. A couple of hours’ walk through virgin forest in the company of an experienced guide will take you back 300 years to the mysterious world of the Bao people.

Nusa Roviana: Another ancient archeological site, Nusa Roviana island’s central ridge was the site chosen by the head-hunters for their main fortress. Within its stone walls you can find the remains of Tiola, a dog-god statue who would warn the Roviana people of approaching danger by barking and turning towards the threat.

Kastom Cooking: Accompany one of the local ladies to the market to select ingredients for your meal, then help her prepare your food and place it in a motu, or underground oven, to cook. Return a few hours later at dusk and savour a delicious feast of traditional Roviana recipes.

Fishing: Contact Joe and Liza at the nearby Zipolo Habu Resort to arrange a fishing charter with an experienced local guide in a custom-built boat. Whether you want to troll for Spanish Mackerel, Sailfish and Marlin or bottom-fish for Coral Trout and Rosy Jobfish, the fishing grounds of the Munda area offer unparalleled sport.

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